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5 Defining Criteria for a Luxury Home

5 Defining Criteria for a Luxury Home

5 Defining Criteria for a Luxury Home


Luxury means when it comes to housing, much more than finishes made with quality materials. - people from Content for Professionals in Real Estate say and we can not agree more with them.

”4 room apartment, built before 1977, 100 sqm, Ferentari, Luxury”. What is wrong with this ad? First, the juxtaposition of the words “Ferentari” – one of the most notorious districts of Bucharest, located in the most dangerous area on “Map of Fear” – and “luxury”. Regardless of the level and quality of facilities inside the apartment, the tenant must be careful to get home before dark. In addition, a building before the earthquake of 1977 is not likely to qualify as a luxury.

The example above is meant to illustrate a fact well known in the real estate community in Romania: often, houses on sale are not advertised according to reality. Assuming that a potential buyer is completely naive, and that he did not hear about Ferentari his whole life and that he does not have eyes to see the surroundings when he will go to check the apartment, he will move into the “luxury” and will certainly have problems. The agent who offered advice for the acquisition will not ever hear about him or about potential customers who would have come from the recommendation of the buyer.

Real estate developer Adama has identified five criteria that qualify as luxury housing.


Quality of construction and finishes

The apartment that we presented as one house must have the guarantee of quality with regard to construction, strength and structure to the details of finishes. If for quality construction, defining structure are major aspects such as strength or waterproofing system, the difference assemblies luxury finishes do. In addition to their execution quality, country of origin or manufacturer reputation are factors to be taken into account.

Furnishings should clearly convey quality and strength, but the style should be neutral to lend any tenant tastes and can easily customize the apartment.

Architecture of the building

A luxury apartment should stand out not only inside but also outside. The building should be a benchmark for an area with a unique architecture. Frequently, developers of such projects given increased attention interior design of the apartments, but not the outer image. Some architectural elements that can remove a building from the crowd, we can mention various forms of building a unique combination of building materials for facades, curtain-like walls and brick, building height or the transition from old to new respecting the architecture of the area. “Certainly, luxury apartments customers are interested in quality and take into account the criterion of” value for money “for their home, but in addition to rational criteria, they take into account those emotional or related to the design. For example, the first reason why customers are moving towards Evocasa Selecta, premium whole portfolio Adama, the special architecture of the project, “says Alina Necula, Head of Marketing & Sales Adama Group.

b577278a4d1f19b90f91f9f1935932c3Surfaces and compartments

In a market dominated by the criterion of lowest price, which automatically affects the areas of apartments, luxury housing should be synonymous with generous surfaces both indoors and outdoors croak. A benchmark in this regard could be apartments of two rooms that can reach 95 luxury dwellings square Emtriva, double the market average standard or three-room apartments that exceed 120 square meters.

Other criteria identifying the premium apartment are forms divisions. Even unfurnished luxury apartment has a particular design, is dominated by curved glazed areas extended particular shapes, not straight lines configurations specific to the apartments middle class. For future tenant, such a design will certainly be a challenge for interior design at the end, to bear the mark owner.

A luxury apartment should come accompanied by a large terrace that can overcome including flat surface, thus having the possibility, for example, 150 square meters, the client should be able to arrange their own private garden area lounge for socializing with friends.

Location of the project

Not just the standard that is done all internally and externally is important, but the area where it is located. If premium housing, is not necessarily important area connectivity to public transport, but especially near areas of interest that resonates with the lifestyle of the occupants.

Selected Communities

A luxury project is defined and that community residents have. Among customers who lend itself to such residential are lawyers, notaries, doctors, businessmen who purchase the apartment for living or as an investment, expats who prefer their own home at the expense of a hotel room.


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