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Interior Design Top 10 White Modern Kitchens

Interior Design Top 10 White Modern Kitchens

Interior Design Top 10 White Modern Kitchens

Kitchen Modern 24As I said in the previous article about the Classic White Kitchens, the kitchen was, and always will be the heart of a house. We started the series of articles on interior design with the place where family members cook, do homework, take dinners and where they discuss the highlights of the day. The only thing better than a kitchen that can accommodate all these activities is a kitchen that can accommodate them in an organized manner.

When you go on Pinterest to see contemporary designs of kitchens, you obviously notice that whites are public the favorites. Today we present those that we believe are the finest in our collection of inspirations for kitchens with a minimalist interior design. The details of the finishes are modern and the floor is mostly made of wood, but other materials are also used. In these cases people rarely add spots of color as accents, usually a light color is combined with the purity of white.
Each room presents a clean style while being organized to the last detail. Each object has its place, and the air is not loaded at all. Very important is the natural light that enters the rooms each morning, but if we are not so lucky to have our home located in an area so favored, we must consider investing in it. Even if the light does not come from a natural source, it is essential to be present and to be as enjoyable as possible.

What these wonderful kitchens all have in common, in addition to impeccable appearance, is that they are designed smart. Each space is used for something: many drawers and storage spaces, even the dining area is used in this respect, kitchen shelves and bodies reach the ceiling most of the times. Just so we will have an organized kitchen, where every object has its place. From what you’ll see, you can create this even if you have only an apartment available with a kitchenette. Obviously, such a project would be much easier to achieve in a spatious house with a huge kitchen, but if we do not have the necessary resources will have to stay a little longer at the planning stage and to decide exactly for what activities will the kitchen be used. For example, will the dining area be in the kitchen? Does it require the presence of a mini-office space for us or for our children? Will it be a place where we only cook and eat or a relaxing space with family and guests also? Then other decisions, as important as those before: how many people are present to eat here daily? At various special events how many guests you’ll have maximum? Answering these questions you can decide the dining spot’s size, number of seats and amount of dishes and cutlery that you will need, so later to decide the required size drawers and cabinets.

Enjoy the simple elegance of these beautifully decorated and organized kitchens.Kitchen Design 02

Kitchen Modern 03Kitchen Modern 07Kitchen Modern 16Kitchen Modern 05Kitchen Design 03  Kitchen Modern 20

Kitchen Modern 19Kitchen Modern 33

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