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Interior Design Top 17 Classic Kitchens from Wood

Interior Design Top 17 Classic Kitchens from Wood

Interior Design Top 17 Classic Kitchens from Wood

So far we have only talked about white kitchens, both classical and modern ones, then I covered in large part what luxury housing means. If you have not read it yet, you can access here:

I started this series of articles on interior design with the place where family members cook, do homework, take dinners and where they discuss the highlights of the day. The only thing better than a kitchen that can accommodate all these activities is a kitchen that can accommodate them in an organized manner.

The moment you go on Pinterest to see contemporary designs for kitchens, clearly you will see that white and wood are the public favorites. Today we present those that we believe are the finest in our collection inspirations in matter of kitchens in wood shades. We will not differentiate styles, but you can clearly see, as appropriate, which are the modern and which are the classical ones. In most cases, you’ll notice that many opt for an all-wood look, that means that only wood is used, and in other cases we can see how beautiful it can be combined with white or a warm shade of cream. Plants, or at least the green accessories, can not to be lacking in a room, especially when it is dominated by white or wood.

Each room presents a clean style. They are very neat and organized to the last detail. Each object has its place, and the air is not loaded at all. Very important is the natural light that enters the rooms each morning, and if we are not so lucky as our house or apartment is located in an area so favored, we must consider investing in it. Even if the light does not come from a natural source, it is essential to be present and to be as enjoyable as possible.

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