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Which is the ideal time for the conclusion of real estate transactions

Which is the ideal time for the conclusion of real estate transactions

Do you want to sell your property but you are not sure which is the best time for you to put your offer on the market? Well, now is the proper time!

According to local and international real estate specialists, spring is the most active period in terms of real estate transactions.  The buyers are more numerous and more receptive during this time of the year, and the sun and the nature improve the look of any property.

Thanks to the market, it can be said that it is the best time to sell a home. In the winter it is more difficult to move, or renovate a home, regardless of its type. In the spring, people’s mood changes, they are more open, more optimistic, so much more receptive and ready for action.

Most customers want to buy a new property in the spring to be able to start some renovation and refurbishment projects so that they can be finished by the beginning of the cold season. Also families with children also prefer buying a home by the month of June to be able to finish the moving process during the summer vacation, so the move will not interfere with children’s school schedule, and the children have the possibility to stay at their grandparents. The reasons may vary, but the statistics lead to the same conclusion: sales reach a peak during the spring months, and more than half of those who actually move to a new home do so in the beginning of the summer.


The spring sales season can turn out to be advantageous for all parties involved if they opt for a suitable strategic approach.





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