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Real Stories from Real Estate 01

Real Stories from Real Estate 01

Real Stories from Real Estate 01 – You definitely do not want to be the main character

Your parents buy an apartment for you and your girlfriend. You are happier than ever. Finally you move in with the love of your life! You plan your mornings when she would sneak into the kitchen to prepare breakfast, and then slide back into bed next to you, waking you up with sweet kisses and oh, the fresh smell of coffee… There are only a few days before you move. This is the only thing you are thinking about. It’ll be all right. This is all you know. But the day that defines the new beginning of your life does not begin well. The former owners do not answer the phone. You only panic after you realize that you still have no sign of them and it already got dark. They do not want to move. Your lawyer tells you that you really can’t do anything: in the contract there is nothing established about the possible case in which they refuse to leave.
So they lived happily another half a year in the apartment where you created so many dreams and desires …

You buy yourself a nice house. You do all the documents at the notary, just to be sure that everything would be all right. Two weeks after, you find out that you need to move the concrete fence behind the house two meters closer to you because it is on public territory.

You rent your apartment to an individual. You get along with him very well from the first time you met. You are glad to have him as a tenant. Have been eight months without major problems with him, but he wants to move somewhere else, he want more space, he says, so you determined to no longer renew the contract. You’re looking for another tenant – you think, and you just hope that the new guy will be as good as he was…
He gives you the keys on the last day and leaves in haste to his job. You return to the apartment with your camera with at your side, because you want to take new pictures for the ad. You open the door and start having a bad feeling… it’s like you feel that something is wrong. He … your perfect tenant that you were so proud of… left with all the radiators. You freeze. You never thought that this will happen to you. You wonder who the hell writes in the agreement that the apartment rental comes complete with radiators? You wrote about the central heating… and all the furniture, the purple armchair from your mother, the custom made shelves, and even that mirror received from your Aunt, but seriously, the RADIATORS?!

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