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Statistics about Selling Renting 2015

Statistics about Selling Renting 2015



Statistics about Selling Renting 2015

We have created an infographic with useful information for those who want to sell or rent their properties in the near future. If you want to see the details, please click on the picture, which will open in a new tab and it will be much more visible.

It includes data on search on from October to January, thinking that would help you see the most popular properties and developments.

As a matter, apartments and houses are the most popular, and sales are much more frequent than renting from what you see. Also, when it comes to sales, two-bedroom apartments come first, followed by those with three or a single room. In terms of rental, the results are different: studios and one room apartments occupy the first place, the second place is taken by two room apartments, and on the third place there are the three-room apartments. Apartments with four or more rooms are in last place both in sales and in rentals.

We hope this information to help you, and in case you need more information, do not hesitate to ask! Our specialists will do their utmost to assist you with details in your situation.


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