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Why should you sell / buy through a real estate agency?

Why should you sell / buy through a real estate agency?

Whether you want to rent a house or you want to purchase a new one, the best way is to request the services of a real estate agency. There are many people who prefer to manage on their own, but this requires much trouble. Therefore, the best thing would be to turn to a real estate agency which will do all the work for you.

The main advantage of real estate agency is the fact that it has a variety of proposals. The real estate agency is one that allows quick access to a wide range of offers; it helps you make the best choice, a choice that best suits your needs and requirements.

If you request the services of an estate agency you have the opportunity to request assistance in the preparation of the transaction in the smallest details, from preparing the contract, to obtaining the fiscal certificate, cancellation or declaration of the traded buildings.

Another significant advantage that you have when you call a realtor, especially if you want to sell something, is that you will benefit from advertising. The realtors are ready for any type of buyer; their negotiation is harsh but fair. The realtors are the only ones who know perfectly all the types of negotiations.


It is good to know that when you decide to sell / buy through a real estate agency, you have the chance of enjoying the tranquility that you need. You have the opportunity get rid of the stress caused because you do not know where to start and what steps to follow. And this is thanks to a quality service offered by the real estate agent, a service that brings you a wide range of facilities, such as for example: establishing or negotiating a fair price, promotion or looking for the real estate, preparation of documents necessary for the transaction, negotiation with the customer, and the finalization of the contract. For each customer to be able to enjoy a successful transaction, the real estate agency has to invest work, time, money, stress, the high fuel costs, cars services, phone bills, advertising, taxes, etc. All this costs money, and when you choose to make such a big investment, it is best to have around you a professional who deserves its commission.

Private Estate. The real estate service you deserve. The people you trust.


Why Private Estate?


1. Because we have the largest team of real estate professionals. Being a team, communication is very important for us, and together we have the broadest portfolio of offerings, thus most of the requests come to us.

2. Your property, through us, will be published on the nine most important online platforms; the visibility of the announcement will be excellent, so that the time of selling or renting the property will be the shortest.

3. Our consultants will present your property not only those who are directly interested about it, but also to our clients who are interested in similar properties. Therefore, your property will reach many more potential buyers or tenants.

4. Because we are professionals in presenting properties: we use special cameras to photograph your property, and our descriptions are carefully formulated, including the smallest details.

5. The Private Estate Consultants specialize themselves continuously by participating in specialized workshops, they are always up to date with the latest methods for presenting properties and with the best negotiation techniques to get benefits on your side.

6. To have control over any unpleasant situation that could happen with the other intermediary side or with one of our consultants, you can communicate personally with the Private Estate managers. You are welcomed to come at our office in Targu Mures, 1 Dec. 1918 Blvd. no. 171, 1st floor (the ING building).


The Private Estate Company chooses the best and experienced partners in achieving transactions: notary, lawyer, real estate appraiser, Energy Certificates release, real estate loans adviser, so that
with the best real estate offers you will receive the best service package necessary in this process.
By trying our best to be helpful to our customers… it helps us to achieve better results and subsequently we enjoy our customer recommendations.

For the buyer customers, the commission is 0%

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