It all starts with passion, the passion to help people discover what's the ideal location for them, either for "home" or for business. First of all, we help our customers and discover together all the details that lead to these ideal properties, there are many aspects that they do not take into consideration before they reach us. Only then we study, inform, select, visit ... and following these steps the final choice will be guaranteed the ideal one. We teach our clients to observe what each property transmits, what they actually feel inside the building. When the rational decision adds a special emotion that is felt inside the building and makes you want it ... then there is no doubt, that choice is the best and it is absolute.

Private vision is to become the largest provider of premium and exclusive real estate services in the center of the country. For this we are continually exploring, we identify the most innovative and creative methods of presenting properties, invest in the latest technology in the field, constantly develop communication and relationship techniques, invest in professional and personal development of the team.

Our mission is to actively contribute to the real estate development of cities in the center of the country by supporting local developers with our professional presentation services, promoting and selling built-up properties by attracting new investors and making available to them everything they need: land in the most suitable locations, office buildings, commercial spaces, industrial halls, rented houses for staff.

Our values

1. Passion. We joined this journey having the same passion for people and for their happiness when they find their perfect location for "home" or for their business. And satisfactions come by itself.

2. Intuition. When the rational decision adds a special emotion that is felt inside the building and makes you want it ... then there is no doubt, that choice is excellent and it is absolute.

3. Relationships. Transactions are for us new opportunities to build long-term relationships.

4. Responsibility. We have a sense of responsibility in all our actions. We take responsibility, we are not looking for guilty ones. Promises made our to clients and colleagues always come first.

5. Integrity. Truth is a virtue even when at the moment it seems to be a disadvantage.

6. Creativity. Creativity helps us find solutions every time when everything seems lost or when we want more for our customers.

7. Education. We learn and strive, we always have the opportunity to become "better" than we were yesterday.


Our team

Simina Cioanta – Consultant Imobiliar


Oviudiu Husar – Consultant Imobiliar


properties of the month

properties of the month


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